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Flood restoration services - the best course of action when the washing machine floods the laundry room

3/13/2023 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Waxahachie/Midlothian highlights four reasons why the washing machine could flood the laundry room and explains how to handle the water damage.

SERVPRO® of Waxahachie/Midlothian provides flood restoration services and water damage cleanup for clients in Venus, TX. Whether the water is from a flash flood or a leaking washing machine, the team of IICRC-certified technicians can handle it with a rapid response and quick cleanup to get life back to normal as soon as possible.

A washing machine is an essential appliance in the home. When the washer malfunctions or breaks, the flooded laundry room can be very frustrating and stressful to deal with. The water-damaged floor needs to be rapidly restored to prevent water damage to the floor coving, substrate, baseboards, and items on the floor that might have received water damage. Here are the four most common reasons a washing machine floods the laundry room.

#1. Overloading the machine

With life so busy, the temptation is to fill the washer to full capacity to reduce the number of loads and save time and effort. When the machine is overloaded, the garments being washed can become lodged around the agitator or in the drum, and water could spill onto the floor.

Bulky items like heavy coats, bedspreads, blankets, thick towels, small runners or area rugs, and bathroom mats can quickly overload the appliance. Wash fewer bulky items at a time to reduce strain on the machine and prevent the drum from overflowing and flooding the laundry room. A full load weighs about 20-25 pounds, or about the same weight as three gallons of milk. Be aware that a load of lightweight, fluffy items may fill the drum well before reaching the appliance’s weight capacity. Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Proper operation and maintenance can extend the machine's life and help keep the laundry room floor dry and safe.

#2. Faulty or ruptured water supply lines

The hot and cold supply lines should be securely attached to the washer and the water sources.  If the connections are leaky, the gaskets inside might need replacement. If the hoses are more than five to seven years old, consider replacing both hoses before they rupture. A supply line can leak seven to nine gallons of water per minute. At this rate, a flooded laundry room turns into a flooded home. High-quality, braided stainless steel connector hoses are recommended. The additional expense is worth the extra layer of security and peace of mind.

#3. The washer is unlevel

The laundry room might be flooded because the washer is unlevel or out of balance. The appliance should be leveled when installed and then checked periodically with a level if the machine begins to wobble and walk during the spin cycle. Check the level of the floor to make sure it has not shifted. The appliance can be leveled by adjusting the small feet on the bottom of the unit.

If the machine and the floor are level, the problem might be an imbalanced load. Solve the problem before flooding occurs by re-positioning the clothes in the drum. Resume the washing cycle to determine if the efforts were successful. If not, try again or remove some clothes from the washer. The issue might be the drum is overloaded.

#4. Faulty drain hose connection to the plumbing pipe

The hose runs from the washer to a plumbing pipe next to the washer. Almost 20 gallons of water will flood the laundry room if the hose comes loose from a standard washer. Periodically check the connections and hoses for leaks.

#5. Mechanical failure

Aside from the issues mentioned above that cause washing machines to flood the laundry room, mechanical failures may also result in a water release flooding the laundry space. These include:

  • Solenoid failing to shut off the water flow into the washer.
  • The water inlet valve becomes blocked by debris.
  • Debris lodges in the pump.
  • A faulty water level control valve fails to shut the machine off.
  • The drain pump wears out or breaks.

What to do when the laundry room floods

A small leak can easily be cleaned up by the homeowner. However, a significant water release needs immediate attention and a quick cleanup using powerful wet/dry vacuums to extract the water. Heavy-duty dehumidifiers and rapid-spin fans remove excess moisture. SERVPRO of Waxahachie/Midlothian is available 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays, to provide the quick cleanup and restoration that a flooded laundry room or an entire home needs.

For more information about flood damage cleanup, contact SERVPRO of Waxahachie/Midlothian by phone at (972) 935-0827 or email at acarey@SERVPRO10932.com.

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