Photo Gallery

Hurricane Affected Home

A hurricane’s rising water is Category 3 or grossly contaminated.  Extra precaution must take place to keep the home and its occupants safe, part of which is to perform a "flood cut" which is seen in the picture. 

Industrial Carpet Cleaning

Even industrial carpets need a deep wash at least once a year. This school library had their carpet washed and ready for students the same day. 

Multi-Story Water Damage

A storm caused a multi-story water damage in this construction site. 

Floor Floods in Storm

A strong storm caused a water damage in this construction site. 

Construction Water Damage

This construction site was affected by a water damage when a storm passed through the area. 

Commercial Water Damage

A storm caused this commercial water damage at a hi-rise. 

Dallas Office Leak

An undetected overnight leak caused a large water damage in this office. 

Water Damage in Office

When this office was opened for business in the morning, they found that a water leak had caused damage overnight. 

Smoke and Soot

Smoke and soot can travel through your home's air duct systems.  The soot can settle in the air ducts and then spread when the HVAC is turned on. 


Containment is sometimes set up during a fire damage cleaning to prevent soot from traveling to other parts of the home. 

Mold Under Kitchen Cabinet

Mold was found under this home's kitchen cabinet. 

Water Damage Affects Warehouse

A water damage affected this warehouse. 

Water Damage in Warehouse

Business interruption is expensive, so our crews worked to quickly mitigate this commercial water damage. 

Water Tank Leak

This water tank leaked and caused mold growth. 

Mold Growth in Bedroom

A water damage in an adjoining room caused the drywall and carpet to get wet and grow mold. 

Mold Growth on Furniture

Mold can even grow on furniture when it is not properly dried after a water damage. 

Mold Growth on Door

A slow leak caused this water heater closet to become a perfect environment for mold growth. 

Mold Growth on Baseboard

This baseboard had mold grow on top of it when a long term water damage was left on the floor it was touching. 

Yellow Stain on Ceiling

A yellow stain is a good indicator of a water leak on the attic above. 

Smoke Damage

When a fire broke out in this home, one of the items affected was the bedspread in the bedroom.  We clean textiles affected by smoke and soot and help them be safe to handle again. 

Fire Damaged Home

This home experienced a fire damage and needed many remediation techniques to restore it. 

Fire Damage

Fire damage requires demolition, air scrubbing, and other remediation techniques to make the space liveable again. 

Injector Dry

We pump warm, dry air behind a drywall to help dry the space behind it without the need for demolition. 

Water Underneath Flooring

It may not always be visible, but we can detect when flooring has water hidden underneath it. 

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation containment is needed to contain airborne mold particles. 

Setting Containment

Fire containment is necessary to prevent soot particles from traveling. 

Drying Drywall

To dry behind drywall, we drill small holes and pump warm air behind it as well as add dehumidification. 

Drying Equipment

We use specialized drying equipment to save hardwood flooring. 

Broken Pipe

This broken pipe was caused by freezing conditions.  It caused a water damage in the homeowner's kitchen. 

Roof Tarping

This roof needed emergency roof tarping after storm damage. 

SERVPRO table set up at conference

SERVPRO of Waxahachie / Midlothian at BOMA

SERVPRO of Waxahachie / Mithlothian's sales representatives attended the BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association International) Conference. We were happy to be able to participate in the event for commercial and real estate agents.

Enjoying our Work!

Although we are almost never called to happy scenarios, we take a lot of pride in being able to help out families and businesses when they need restoration services. 

Women at Work

Our franchise has many women that lead and help almost every aspect of our business including production, sales and marketing, office administration, and management. 

Rug Cleaning

We are able to clean many types of rugs water a water, fire, and mold damage. The rugs are taken back to our cleaning facility, deep washed, and then delivered.


Our franchise has received numerous awards from SERVPRO over our 30+ years of service. 

Community Outreach

Our sales representatives participate in various community programs around North Texas. 

two female employees standing beside our esporta machine


SERVPRO of Waxahachie / Midlothian is a certified Esporta Wash System operator, which makes us qualified to restore water, fire, and mold damaged textiles. If your belongings were affected by one of these losses, this equipment is the best of the best to remove the evidence of damage.