Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Smoke and Soot

Smoke and soot can travel through your home's air duct systems.  The soot can settle in the air ducts and then spread when the HVAC is turned on. 


Containment is sometimes set up during a fire damage cleaning to prevent soot from traveling to other parts of the home. 

Smoke Damage

When a fire broke out in this home, one of the items affected was the bedspread in the bedroom.  We clean textiles affected by smoke and soot and help them be safe to handle again. 

Fire Damaged Home

This home experienced a fire damage and needed many remediation techniques to restore it. 

Fire Damage

Fire damage requires demolition, air scrubbing, and other remediation techniques to make the space liveable again. 

Setting Containment

Fire containment is necessary to prevent soot particles from traveling.